Case Study: Shift VDP Redesign


Shift mid-fi screensfig. 3.1: Shift Mid-Fidelity Screens

Design Solution

The solution involved chunking out the page information and reorganizing into discrete sections:

  1. Photo viewer
  2. Fulfillment module
  3. Vehicle highlights
  4. Vehicle details [a. Features, b. Warranty, c. How It Fits, d. Brochure]
  5. Vehicle history
  6. Pricing information
  7. Vehicle inspection
  8. Customer reviews
  9. Cross sells

Page Sections

1. Photo Viewer

Shift mid-fi screens
fig. 3.2: Mobile Photo Viewer

The photo viewer now has a clear indicator of a 360° viewer. Icons call out links to look under the hood and minor damage. Thumbnails for static photos now sit below instead of inside a user-initiated ‘drawer’ modal on top of the 360° viewer.

2. Fulfillment

Shift mid-fi screens
fig. 3.3: Mobile Fulfillment

The fulfillment module now includes estimated monthly payment and value messaging relative to Kelley Blue Book. A social section calls out number of user views, saves, and test drives: subtle indicators that there is strong interest in the vehicle (and inspiring the user to take action before missing out on a potential purchase).

Perhaps most importantly, the fulfillment option(s) are clearly laid out (and dynamically displayed based on user and vehicle locations): the Start Purchase, Test Drive at Home, and Test Drive at Shift.

Additionally, Shift value props–Free 7 Day Return, 30 Day Warranty, and No-contact Test Drive–are surfaced.

3. Vehicle Highlights

Shift mid-fi screens
fig. 3.4: Mobile Vehicle Highlights

Vehicle highlights important to Shift customers are surfaced just below the photo viewer, providing a quick graphic overview of the most-requested features.

4a. Vehicle Details (Features)

Shift mid-fi screens
fig. 3.5: Mobile Vehicle Details

Vehicle details contain four sections: Features, Warranty, How It Fits, and Brochure
Features are organized in a cohesive, easy-to-understand way.

Detailed vehicle specs are standard, but here they are grouped for readability instead of a long scrolling list inside a modal.

Additional features are organized into subgroups: Comfort and Convenience, Safety, Technology, Exterior, and Performance.

4b. Warranty

Shift mid-fi screens
fig. 3.6: Mobile Warranty

Warranty information–both manufacturer warranty and Shift warranty–is laid out very clearly for the user. Also included is a link to extended warranty information.

4c. How It Fits

Shift mid-fi screens
fig. 3.7: Mobile How It Fits

How It Fits is an innovative new feature, addressing needs according to user feedback. Users will book test drives and decide on a purchase only after s/he has had the opportunity to physically sit inside the vehicle and assess the interior for fit (provided specs on head room and leg room are provided in inches, but these data points do not make for easy interpretation).

We looked to apparel retail for inspiration: with larger retailers selling multiple apparel brands, ‘fit models’ are shown wearing the garment and context is provided using the model’s measurements and the size of the garment s/he is wearing.

By accessing available vehicle data, we can place the vehicle the user is looking at into a context for fit. How does the vehicle compare to the smallest and largest vehicles in currently available inventory?

4d. Brochure

Shift mid-fi screens
fig. 3.8: Mobile Brochure

Brochure provides a downloadable PDF of the original manufacturer’s brochure, covering features of the vehicle not readily available in third party vehicle data sets.

5. Vehicle History

Shift mid-fi screens
fig. 3.9: Mobile Vehicle History

Vehicle History as provided by CARFAX details ownership and reported accidents. As a trusted source of information, leveraging the CARFAX brand builds user confidence and allows the user to view the full history report in a single click.

6. Pricing Information

Shift mid-fi screens
fig. 3.10: Mobile Pricing Information

Pricing Information provides a comprehensive breakdown of vehicle price, shipping, taxes, registration and other fees.

By providing estimator tools as a reference, the user can get an estimated monthly payment right in the VDP, based on loan length, down payment, and trade-in value.

Shift mid-fi screens
fig. 3.11: Mobile Pricing Summary

7. 150-Point Inspection

Shift mid-fi screens
fig. 3.12: Mobile 150-Point Inspection

Shift-Certified vehicles undergo a 150-Point inspection. Organized into six subsections, details of the report, including completion date and cosmetic imperfections, are easily accessible by the user.

8. Shift Customer Reviews

Shift mid-fi screens
fig. 3.13: Mobile Customer Reviews

Building additional user confidence are select customer reviews.

9. Cars You Might Like

Shift mid-fi screens
fig. 3.14: Cars You Might Like

This section displays similar vehicles (based on internal data) the user might be interested in.