Case Study: Shift VDP Redesign

Usability Testing

Shift app screens

Usability Testing

While the scope of our research project was essentially limited to VDP redesign usability and concept validation, our work yielded a wealth of actionable information that covered brand perception, user sentiment, and where the VDP actually fits in the overall user journey.

Research Objective:

  1. Test and validate if the new VDP redesign resolves the outlined problems
    • Understand the users’ mental model on the VDP to determine the information hierarchy
    • Collect impressions of clarity around Shift’s fulfillment methods
  2. Gather insight into the users’ needs/pains/jobs during their car shopping journey

Methodology & Participants

Usability Testing & User Interview
1 hour 1:1 remote/ moderated
Mid-fidelity desktop clickable prototype available here.
Mid-fidelity mobile web clickable prototype available here.

Participants Breakdown (16 total):

  • 8 Male
  • 8 Female participants
  • 9 Web + 7 mobile web prototype tests

Shift Customers and Non-Shift Shoppers

  • 7 Non-Shift car shoppers (researching/ test driving)
  • 9 Shift customers (including 2 app users)
  • 2 Shift customers who are browsing the site
  • 4 Shift customers who test drive but did not purchase (2 are still shopping)
  • 3 Shift customers who very recently purchased through Shift

5 Key Highlights

  1. Test Drive Options on the Current VDP
    5/9 Shift test drive & Buyers did not know test drive at the hub was an option on the current VDP. 3/5 who were not aware would have preferred to go into the hub for a test drive.
  2. Vehicle Research is Work
    We learned users would rather not have to do their own research. “If I can trust you guys, I don’t want to do the research” – Ryan (test drive with Shift)
  3. Trust & Convenience
    The new design took many users by surprise with the level of transparency it displayed. (users were not used to car companies doing this) the new VDP design immediately instilled trust.
  4. Participants Loved KBB
    Kelley Blue Book value, highlights, 150 report, finance breakdown & calculator, the imperfection call-outs in the 150-point inspection report, and free test drives. These were all trust builders.
  5. Test Drives preferred
    While the 3 fulfillment options were clear on the redesign, buyers gravitated towards the test drive options. 100% online purchase (Buy It Now or BiN) is a new way of thinking for many car shoppers.