Case Study: Shift VDP Redesign

Shift app screens


Shift Technologies, Inc. is “a leading end-to-end auto ecommerce platform transforming the used car industry with a technology-driven, hassle-free customer experience.”

Like other ecommerce product pages, online purchases take place on the Vehicle Description Page (VDP). The VDP has multiple functions, not just providing information about the vehicle. In many use cases, the VDP also does the heavy lifting of introducing the user to the Shift brand and unique value propositions. With the end goal being building user trust in Shift as a used car retailer. This is especially true for third-party visitors that link directly to the VDP, bypassing more traditional brand engagement opportunities (homepage, about, and other evergreen content pages).

Unlike its direct online-only competitors (Carvana and Vroom), Shift maintains a hybrid business model that doesn’t readily translate to a clear user mental model. In addition to online vehicle purchases, Shift delivers free test drives (limited to customers only within delivery range of a local Shift location, or “hub”) with the immediate opportunity to buy the vehicle “on the spot.” Or a free test drive at a hub (which aligns with a more traditional used car dealership experience.

With Shift’s increasing profile (thanks to third-party site placement, social media branding efforts, traditional media coverage, and nationwide television advertising), it is paramount to ensure the VDP is optimized to tell the Shift story, help customers find helpful vehicle information, and convert leads to purchasers.

Product Team

  • Lead Designer: Daryle Maciocha
  • Design Manager: Sean Chenier
  • UX Researcher: Himal Choi
  • Product Manager: Adam Johnston
  • Engineering Lead: Alec Kriebel